Some useful tip to use spot brush and clone tools in Photoshop

Some useful tip to use spot brush and clone tools in Photoshop

In Photoshop the most important part of knowing is how to do a clone. The basic trick is that the user can use many options, not only the clone stamp tools, they can also use varieties of tools like spot healing brush, patch tools, and healing brush. Once you get a master in these basic tools then you are able to use more advanced tools as like vanishing point and content aware. Now you are aware of these tools, so lets us look more details of this.

Well, if you are very expert in modify, without knowing when to use the correct tools it can affect the work .you are only expert in how to use clone stamp, it is because from last 15 years you are only using this tool. You are actually missing the advantage of Photoshop and variety of tools that Photoshop offers in today time.

If you are a new member to use Photoshop, so you have to know how to use the each and every tool that is present in Photoshop. You have learned by watching a video tutorial, you have to watch the latest Photoshop version. So here are the names of new features of Photoshop.

How to make use of the different tools in Photoshop software in order to improve the photo quality?

Clone stamp tools:

The clone stamp tools or a rubber Stamp Tool, this tool is the very old and effective tools among all the tools. And moreover is tools are especially for you, the modifier or those have complete control in it. To become an expert in this art it takes lots of year’s .but once you get a master in it then only a few things that you can’t do.

Spot healing brush:

The spot healing brush tool is used to clean the unnecessary marks from an image. It is basically a texture changing tool. It replaces the damaged and unwanted area with another good texture area. It works like healing brush in Photoshop, but the spot healing brush is most effective it is also a time- saving tool. In healing brush, you have to replace the damaged texture with good texture. But in spot healing brush it the choice of its own. Only we need to do is to select the portion where the problem is then the spot healing brush repair the damage portion instantly.

Healing Brush:

The Healing Brush is very useful for long scratches, stray hairs and different type of damaged area where you can fix the imperfect image. The healing brush is as like spot healing brush, but here you to first select the area where you are using the brush.

Content Aware Fill:

The content aware is used to changing or modifying the selected area. Although it is also an automatic tool, you can’t control the outcome of the source.

Patch Tool:

The Patch Tool is used the retouch the image which is selected. The patch tool is a combination of healing brush and the lasso tool. It tool doesn’t bother about how large or small the area is which you are working it simply remove all the blemishes without changing the texture and color of the area.

Vanishing Tool:

The vanishing point filter is used for cloning in perspective .once you made the layout the grid, and then you can easily clone 3D space. It is used for a dimensional place, and it is very useful in architecture.
You need to learn all the Photoshop cloning tools, just to learn one or few of them not going give you advantage .so to become a professional retoucher you have to learn how to utilise all the tools.

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