Chocolate Text Effect

In this tutorial, we will be creating chocolate text effect using Illustrator and Photoshop.



Step 1

Create a new document in illustrator. Then import the sketch into the artboard and lock it ( Ctrl/Command + 2) 


Step 2

Using the pen tool with certain stroke thickness, trace out the whole sketch. Make sure to remove the fill color.  

Chocolate Text Effect Step 4

Step 3

Once the tracing is complete, Select all and give 5pt stroke thickness. Then select these four strokes, go to stroke and change the profile as shown.  

Chocolate Text Effect Step 3

Step 4

To flip the alignment of a design, go to Stroke and click the small icon beside profile.

Chocolate Text Effect Step 5

Step 5

Now modify the stroke thickness using the width tool from the tool bar. To use it, just click on the area where you want to change the thickness and drag your mouse. We have given narrow to the top and broader at the bottom. Apply the changes to the whole text. 

Chocolate Text Effect Step 6

Step 6

Give finishing touch to the strokes. Using the width tool, maintain the flow of each text.  

Chocolate Text Effect Step 7

Step 7

Now select all and expand the design to convert it into fill object. Object > Expand Appearance.  

Chocolate Text Effect Step 8

Step 8

Now we will create 4 more Element, so to create that go to Object > Path > Offset Path . Offset Path panel will appear. Put the offset value -0.02 in, round joint and click OK.  This will create a similar design with lesser thickness. 

Chocolate Text Effect Step 9

Step 9

Cut and paste it to different location. Then give stroke thickness of 2pt and change the profile as shown.  

Chocolate Text Effect Step 10

Step 10

In this way, create two more design with broader thickness. Put the Offset value 0.08 and 0.16. Also duplicate the original design once and give stroke thickness 1pt. 

Chocolate Text Effect Step 11

 Step 11

Now Create a New document in Photoshop and drag in the first two design. Hide the top layer and open layer style for the main text layer. Add Bevel and Emboss ( Depth-43, Size-13, Soften-5), Inner shadow, Color overlay ( chocolate brown) and Drop shadow. 

Chocolate Text Effect Step 12

Step 12

Now unhide the top layer, give color overlay ( light Brown ) and reduce the layer opacity to around 30 percent. 

Chocolate Text Effect Step 13

Step 13

Now to show a light direction we will add a glow using mask. So create a new layer and with Command/ctrl pressed click the thumbnail of our main text layer. This way a selection area is generated. 

Chocolate Text Effect Step 14

Step 14

Now selecting the blank layer, switch on the mask option. This way only the area inside the text will be visible.

Chocolate Text Effect Step 15

Step 15

Selecting the layer thumbnail, start drawing highlight using the brush tool. Use soft brush with opacity 10 percent and white color. Apply it to all the area in the direction of light.

Chocolate Text Effect Step 16

Step 16

In the same process,  we will add shadows to the design. So in the same way create new layer and add mask.

Chocolate Text Effect Step 17

Step 17

This time change the color mode from Normal to Color Burn.

Chocolate Text Effect Step 18 

Step 18

Now using the soft brush tool, choosing light brown color. Draw out the shadow opposite to the highlight. Do this for the whole texts. 

Chocolate Text Effect Step 19

Step 19

Next step is to add a sharp highlight to the design. To add this import the element with 1pt thickness which we created in illustrator. Then add color overlay ( Light Brown ) and Outer glow ( white ) with size 9px. 

Chocolate Text Effect Step 20

Step 20

Now add a mask to this layer and with soft brush tool ( Black color) hide out all the area. Leave only the portion for highlights.

Chocolate Text Effect Step 21

Step 21

After applying to the whole design,  the texts now looks like chocolate. Those little details have given sharp and soft feel to the text.

Chocolate Text Effect Step 22

Step 22

To add more realistic feel, Import the other two element from illustrator. Under layer style, give overlay color white and inner shadow light brown( size around 28 ). Then repeat the same steps as we followed for the highlight layer. 

To give more fresh look to the design, add Hue/saturation adjustment layer. Then put saturation  value around 40 and Lightless -5.

Chocolate Text Effect Final

Finally the Chocolate Text Effect is applied to the Sketch. This is the final result. The process might be little lengthy but its the final result that matters. This effects can be applied to any letter or words. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial! If you have please leave a comment below or follow me on Twitter to keep up with all the new articles and tutorials on! Thanks!


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