After Effects CC 2017 easier and faster way to create animations

After Effects CC 2017 makes it easier and faster to create animations

After Effects CC 2017 easier and faster way to create animations

‘After Effects CC 2017’ is here with some impressive features and updates. This is the 14th version of ‘After Effect CC’ that was launched Adobe in November 2016. It has already received an update in April 2017 and thus the latest version that we have is ‘After Effect CC (2017.2)’. If you are not aware of this application, let me tell you that it is a popular app for creating amazing video effects and motion graphics.

The 2017 version of ‘After Effect’ comes with some new features and updates that fix some of the bugs in the older versions. The main focus seems to be on improving the workflow and helping a team to work efficiently on a project or file. One of the main functionalities that have been added to this new version is the ‘Team Projects’. The emphasis is on utilizing the computer’s Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) in a better way. If you are looking to upgrade to ‘After Effect 2017’, you might need to move some of the After Effect plug-ins manually.

Let us quickly explore some of the main features of ‘After Effect 2017’.

After Effects CC 2017 comes with pre-installed Character Animator CC


Creating animations gets easier with the new version as it includes the ‘Adobe Character Animator CC app’ during the installation. Although, it is just the pre-release form but promises a lot for the future. Also, you will be getting all the updates on Character Animator to let you create some amazing animations. You can now use your webcam to create animations.

After Effect CC 2017 is specially crafted for Team Work

The addition of the new feature as ‘Team Projects’ will make it a lot easier to co-ordinate and combine as a team on a common project. You can get all your graphics artists, animators and other key elements of the project together into a collaborative environment online. However, it will require enterprise or team subscription on the part of every user. This feature will be extremely useful for advanced projects where you need a group to work on the same project simultaneously.

Enjoy better speed in operations with ‘After Effects CC 2017’


After Effects CC 2017 gives you the luxury to balance create the right balance between quality of work and speed according to your preferences. For instance, you can now access the quality settings of the preview of Maxon CINEMA 4D composition renderer to get a quicker response. Also, the new version takes lesser time to render or make extruded objects whether you are you are working with motion graphics in the timeline or 3D Texts.

Better Utilization of dedicated GPU

Adobe realizes that more computers are now equipped with a dedicated Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). Thus, After Effect 2017 CC has been designed to utilize GPU more efficiently and consistently as compared to its previous versions. You will clearly feel the speed while rendering special effects including Saturation, Hue, Glow etc in your animation.

The list of features does not end here as you would realize while using ‘After Effects CC 2017’. Apart from the above features, Adobe claims that it has fixed several bugs that were reported in the earlier versions.

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